war, just

war, just

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  • war, just —    This expression (from the Latin justus, meaning upright or equitable ) refers to the theory that considers the use of military force morally acceptable or at least the lesser of two evils. For a war to be just, certain conditions must be met.… …   Glossary of theological terms

  • Just War — theory is a doctrine of military ethics of Roman philosophical and Catholic origin [http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/war/ The first philosophers of just war were Aristotle and Cicero, and the first theologians St. Augustine and St. Thomas… …   Wikipedia

  • just — jụst 〈Adv.; veraltet; noch poet.〉 eben, gerade; just als er ankam; just am gleichen Tag; ich war just dabei, auszugehen [Etym.: <lat. iuste »mit Recht, gehörig«, Adv. zu iustus »gerecht«] …   Lexikalische Deutsches Wörterbuch

  • Just War (Doctor Who) — Doctorwhobook title=Just War series=Virgin New Adventures number=46 featuring=Seventh Doctor Benny, Chris, Roz writer=Lance Parkin publisher=Virgin Books isbn=ISBN 0 426 20463 8 set between= pages=272 date=January 1996 preceding=… …   Wikipedia

  • just — I UK [dʒʌst] / US adverb *** 1) used for saying when something happens a) soon, or at a particular time I can t come now. I m just putting the children to bed. just now/at the moment/at present: Mr Reynolds is busy just now, but he ll see you… …   English dictionary

  • just — gerade (umgangssprachlich); soeben; eben (umgangssprachlich); zuletzt; gerade eben (umgangssprachlich); grade (umgangssprachlich); vor wenigen Momenten * * * just [jʊst] <Adverb> ( …   Universal-Lexikon

  • war — war1 /wawr/, n., v., warred, warring, adj. n. 1. a conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air. 2. a state or period of armed hostility or active military… …   Universalium

  • War-responsibility trials in Finland — The war responsibility trials in Finland ( fi. Sotasyyllisyysoikeudenkäynti) was a trial of the Finnish wartime leaders held responsible for definitely influencing Finland in getting into a war with the Soviet Union and United Kingdom in 1941 or… …   Wikipedia

  • just war —    See war, just …   Glossary of theological terms

  • War — • In its juridical sense, a contention carried on by force of arms between sovereign states, or communities having in this regard the right of states Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. War     War …   Catholic encyclopedia

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