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  • naturalists — nat·u·ral·ist || nætʃrÉ™lɪst n. one who studies animals and plants; person who enjoys the outdoors and nature; advocate of naturalism …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Miranda Naturalists' Trust — The Miranda Naturalists Trust is a charitable trust, that established and maintains the Miranda Shorebird Centre, located at Miranda on the western shore of the Firth of Thames on the North Island of New Zealand. The Miranda Naturalists Trust… …   Wikipedia

  • Belfast Naturalists' Field Club — The Belfast Naturalists Field Club is a club of naturalists based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Founded in 1863, the club was an important part of the education system for Victorian naturalists and worked largely through first hand field… …   Wikipedia

  • British Naturalists' Association — The British Naturalists Association is one of the country s oldest natural history organisations, founded in 1905.It is the only national body that promotes the study of all branches of natural history. Nationally, the Association organises study …   Wikipedia

  • Association of American Geologists and Naturalists — The Association of American Geologists and Naturalists was an American Scientific organization. The society was founded in 1840 as the American Association of Geologists in Philadelphia. In 1842, it renamed itself the Association of American… …   Wikipedia

  • Irish Naturalists' Journal — The Irish Naturalists Journal (ISSN|0021 1311) publishes many scientific papers on entomology and also entomological Special Supplements. A full indexed list is provided on the website. The former title of this journal is Irish Naturalist… …   Wikipedia

  • The Naturalists' Handbooks — is a series of natural history books aimed at students, naturalists and ecologists. Most volumes cover topics relating to insects, but some cover other groups of invertebrates, and some are botanical or mycological in scope, and other cover study …   Wikipedia

  • American Society of Naturalists — The American Society of Naturalists was founded in 1883 and is one of the oldest professional societies dedicated to the biological sciences in North America. The purpose of the Society is to advance and diffuse knowledge of organic evolution and …   Wikipedia

  • Field Naturalists Club of Victoria — The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (FNCV) is an Australian natural history and conservation organisation. It was founded in 1880 (or 1882 according to some sources) by Thomas Pennington Lucas. [… …   Wikipedia

  • Geelong Field Naturalists Club — The Geelong Field Naturalists Club (GFNC) is an Australian regional amateur scientific natural history and conservation society which was founded in 1961 by Trevor Pescott. It is based in Geelong, Victoria, with the aims of: * preserving and… …   Wikipedia

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