truth condition

truth condition

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  • truth condition — noun (logic) The circumstances that must be satisfied for a statement to be true • • • Main Entry: ↑truth …   Useful english dictionary

  • Truth condition — In semantics, truth conditions are what obtain precisely when a sentence is . For example, It is snowing in Nebraska is true precisely when it is snowing in Nebraska.More formally, we can think of a truth condition as what makes for the truth of… …   Wikipedia

  • truth condition — noun Logic the condition under which a given proposition is true. ↘a statement of this condition, sometimes taken to be the meaning of the proposition …   English new terms dictionary

  • Truth-conditional semantics — is an approach to semantics of natural language that sees the meaning of a sentence being the same as, or reducible to, the truth conditions of that sentence. This approach to semantics is principally associated with Donald Davidson, and carries… …   Wikipedia

  • truth conditions — The truth condition of a statement is the condition the world must meet if the statement is to be true. To know this condition is equivalent to knowing the meaning of the statement. Although this sounds as if it gives a solid anchorage for… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • truth/falsity — The two classical truth values that a statement, proposition, or sentence can take. It is supposed in classical (two valued) logic that each statement has one of these values, and none has both. A statement is then false if and only if it is not… …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Truth — • Defines ontological, logical, and moral truth Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Truth     Truth     † …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • truth — [ truθ ] noun *** 1. ) uncount the actual facts or information about something, rather than what people think, expect, or make up: The truth may never be known. truth about: We finally learned the shocking truth about Gina s past. tell (someone)… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • condition — [kən dish′ən] n. [ME & OFr condicion < L condicio, agreement, situation < condicere, to speak with, agree < com , together + dicere, to speak: see DICTION] 1. anything called for as a requirement before the performance or completion of… …   English World dictionary

  • Truth Wins Out — (abbreviated TWO) is an organization formed by Wayne Besen to counteract what it refers to as the ex gay myth. TWO states that religious groups claiming that they have cured individuals of homosexuality are a hoax, and in fact, dangerous to… …   Wikipedia

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